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venerdì 18 gennaio 2019

Big Hits [Hide Tide And Green Grass] ( Spain 1982 Stereo Blue-Violet Traslucent Label Boxed )
Note : Edicion Especial Para " Circulo De Lectores " Only Mail Order.
Side 1 850 XZAL 7503R🔽2J COL
Side 2 850 xzal 7504R🔽2J COL
Stamped Machine

Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out ( Spain 1970 Stereo Blue Light Label Boxed Discos Columbia San Sebastian )
Note : Laminated Front & Back Cover.
Side 1 850 XZAL 10007 6*1J COL 
Side 2 850 XZAL 10007 7*1J COL
Printed Machine

giovedì 17 gennaio 2019

She's The Boss ( 1985 Australia CBS Promo Sample Not For Sale White Label )
Note : Promo Sticker On Front Cover.
Promo Stamp On Back Cover Not For Sale.  Inner Picture Sleeve With Lyrics.
The Drawing On Inside Cover Is Taken From The 1929 Novel " Gods' Man " Was The First American Wordless Novel By Lyind Ward, American Artist And Storyteller.
His Novels Where Designed Whitout Captions.
Side 1 MX215385  SBP8052- one
Side 2 MX215386  SBP8052- two
Hand Made

martedì 15 gennaio 2019

The Best Of The Rolling Stones ( 1982 Honk Kong Decca Stereo Boxed White Promo Label )
Note : Laminated Front & Back Cover.
Out Of Time Version Metamorphosis Lp.
Poison Ivy Version 1, With GÜİRO Instrument Ratchet-Like Sound, Realeased In The Uk Lp "Saturday Club".
My Girl From Flowers Compilation.
Play With Fire Error On Label And On Back Cover, Don't Play 3.08 As Indicated But 2.15.
Side 1 DEC 3A 1Y1 830 04 241
Side 2 DEC 3B 2Y2 830 04 241
Printed Machine

Through The Past Darkly ( 1982 South Korea Big Hits Vol 2 ( Original Issue Manufactured By Sun Eum Limited Licenced By Decca Record Co. Ldt England, Sample Record Not For Sale, Stereo Boxed Black Label )
Note : Promo Sticker On Frontr Cover.
Promo Sticker On Side One Label.
Only 10 Song.
The Background Of The Back Of The Cover With The Rolling Stones Lying Down With The Back Is Different From The Original Uk Squre Single Cover, Is a Dark Gray.
Side 1 Missing  * Mother's Little Helper * And * Let's Spend The Night Together Replaced By * Love In Vain.
Side 2 Missing  * Street Fighting Man * And Honky Tonk Women Replaced By * Gimme Shelter *
Side 1 RL-0522 A
Side 2 RL-0522 B
Printed Machine

Best Of Rolling Stones ( 1990 Korea Creato Inc Music Design Records Co. Ldt., Manufartured By Dae Sung Records Co. Ldt. )
Side 1 MLR 1025 A
Side 2 MLR 1025 B
Stamped Machine

sabato 12 gennaio 2019

Sympaty For The Devil & Prodigal Son ( 1969 Japan First Issue Stereo Yellow London Label, With Lyrics )
Side 1 SDST 258-2
Side 2 SDST 259-5
Printed Machine