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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

The Last Time & Play With Fire ( 1965 Japan First Issue HIT-485 Yellow London Label )
Note :
With Original Hit Company Sleeve For London,ABC Paramount,Vanguard,Coral Records,Seven Days.
Sheet Gatefold Picture With Japanese And English Lyrics Inside.
Side 1 〄 DSt1099-1  5T4
Side 2 〄 DSt1100-2  
Printed Machine

Friday, 21 February 2020

Beggars Banquet ( 1969 Japan Uk Export Stereo Blue Boxed ffrr London Label )
Note :
Uk Export Cover Printed In 1968.
Inside Cover Original Design Concept By American Tom Wilkins, Him Also Made The Original Graphics Of The Record Flowers. The Photo Are By English Michael Joseph.
Flexi Disc With Telephone Interview To Mick Jagger, London ↔ Tokyo.
With Original London Inner Sleeve.
The First Sheet Is Printed In Japanese On Front With The Record Review, On Back The Interview With Mick Jagger Made By Telephone By The Staff Of King Records.
The Second Sheet Is Printed With Lyrics In English Only On Front.
Side 1 XZAL-8476-2K
Side 2 XZAL-8477-3K
Printed Machine

Jamming With Edward ( 1972 Japan RSR Warner Bros. Pioneer Original Issue, Promo Sample White Tongue On Sky Blue Label )
Note :
With Original Obi P5046S Yen 1500
Front Sheet In  Japanese Language With Line Note By Mike Masayoshi Koshitani )
There Is Nothing Print Of The Back Of The Sheet.
Side 1 1-A-1 (1) P-5046S1 2-3
Side 2 1-A-2 (1) P-5046S2
Printed Machine

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Stone Age ( 1971 Japan (Uk Export) Stereo Blue Boxed ffrr London Label )
Note :
First Japanese Pressing.
With Original London Inner Sleeve.
Side 1 ZAL 10432.P-1D
Side 2 ZAL 10433.P-2D
Printed Machine

Live Deluxe-Got Live If You Want It ! & Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out ! ( Japan 1973 Stereo Blue Pale London Label ffrr Unboxed )
Note :
Gatefold Cover With 4 Pages Sheet Lyrics + Obi.
Side 1 SDLBT 2302-4
Side 2 SDLBT 2303-5
Side 3 SDLBT 2304-5
Side 4 SDLBT 2305-5
Printed Machine