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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Rolling Stones Rock And A Hard Place & Cook Cook Blus ( 1989 Australia Cbs 45 RPM Stereo Picture Uk Design Label )
Note :
Promotion Only Not For Sale
Side 1 MX252993 655422.7.1
Side 2 MX252994 655772.7.2
Hand Written

Monday, 24 June 2019

Sticky Fingers ( 1971 Uk Original Issue Gatefold Cover With Printing Error And Assembly )
Note :
Error On Label.
Side One- No A Promotone N.V. Record On Left Label.
Side Two- A Promotone N.V. Record On Left Label.
No Original Tongue Inner Sleeve
Lateral And Top Insertion Of The Record.
Two Holes Drilled On The Right Side Of The Cover.
A Corner Cut To The Left Of The Top Cover.
Manufacturers Used To Cut a Corner Of The Cover, Drill a Hole Or a Notch Into The Ribs Of The Disks Made By Retailers (Since They Were Unsold).
These Products, Nicknamed "Cut-Outs", Were Later Resold To Wholesalers And Retail Outlets At A Decidedly Discounted Price.
Side 1 Rolling Stones Records  A3
Side 2 Rolling Stones Records  B4
Printed Machine

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Their Satanic Majeisties Requiest ( 1967 Usa  Original Issue Mono Red Boxed Label Long Plaiyng )
Note :
This Is The Last Mono Label
With Original Inner Sleeve Cloud.
With 3D Cover.
Side 1 ARL 8126 A1
Side 2 ARL 8127 A1
Hand Written

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Aftermath ( 1966 Label 1971 South Africa White & Blue Label )
Note .
Laminated Front Cover By Interpak.
Side 1 XZAL-7209-1W
Side 2 XZAL-7210-5W
Printed Machine

Beggars Banquet ( 1968 Uk Stereo Unboxed Blue Label )
Note :
Version 3 Design N.9
The Number Side Is On Right.
The Tax Code S Is On Left.
Side  1 XZAL-8476-2K
Side  2 XARL-8477-1K
Printed Machine

Beggars Banquet ( Uk 70s Stereo Blue Boxed Label )
Note : Gema And Mirage Music Is Over  On BIEM-NBC Box Logo. 
Version 3 Design N° 10
Side 1 XZAL-8476-1K
Side 2 XZAL-8477-1K
Printed Machine

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Let It Bleed ( Usa Original Stereo Blue Pale Boxed London Label )
Note :
The Record Was Pressed By Shelley Products, Ltd. NY. Hungtington Station. Source Rolling Stones U.S.A Label History. 
With Original Pink Inner Sleeve " This Record Should Be Played Loud "
Sticker Price Of The Record Sold In The 1969 $1,98. 
With Original Nps-4 Poster.
Label Variation NPS-4 & Made In U.S.A On The Left Of The Label.
Side 1 Shelly XZAL-9363-2- Date 11-11-69
Side 2 Shelly XZAL-9364-2- Date    11-69
Hand Written