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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Tattoo You ( Usa RSR Atlantic Original Issue With The White Background On The Front Cover With Mick Jagger With The Tattooed Face )
Note :
Rare Promo Cover ?
Or Printing Error ?
Sticker Of Shop Records Reddintons Rare Records It Was Located In Birminghan Uk,It Was A Famous Second-Hand Record Store On Line.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

"Start Me Up" (Usa 1981 Promotional Copy Not For The Sale Number Cat.PR 397 )
Note :
Same Length Of The Song 3.32 For Side One & Two.
Side 1 STPR. 40243-1 SR In The Meddle Of A Large S MASTERDISK 1-1
Side 2 STPR. 40243-1 SR In The Meddle Of A Large S MASTERDISK 1-2
Hand Written
Printed Machine

Got Live If You Want It ! ( Usa Original  Mono Burgundy Label Boxed London Long Playing )
Note : 
The First Mono Label
Wtih Original Inner Sleeve Red London Mono
Side 1 ARL 7517-1K
Side 2 ARL 7518-1K
Hand Written

Monday, 9 September 2019

Stone Age (  Uk April 1971 Stereo Boxed  Blue Label )
Version Label ? Design ?
Speed 33 Over Box N.C.B.
Britico. GEMA On The Right Side Box N.C.B.
Sleeve Printed In England By Robert Stace.  Laminated With "Clarifoll" Made By British Celanese Limited.
Side 1 ZAL-10432.P-1D
Side 2 ZAL-10433.P-2D
Printed Machine

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Super Compact 800 Series EP Volume 2, The Rolling Stones Best Hits ( 1976 Japan Dark Grey London Label )
Note :
With Sheet Lyrics.
This Compilation Volume 1&2 Were The Last Two Extended Plays Published In This Country.
Side 1 SDCT 675-1
Side 2 SDCT 676-1
Printed Machine

Time Is On MLabel Red Vinyl )y Side & Twenty Five Rock - Live ( 1982 Japan RSR Yellow ) 
Note :
With Songs Lirycs.
With original Sleeve Toshiba EMI.
Side 1 RSR-111-A 1S 5
Side 2 RSR-111-B 1S 
Preinted Machine

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Gimme Shelter- En Directo! ( 1972 Spain First Orginal Issue Distr. Disco Columbia Stereo Blue Light Boxed Label ffrr )
Note :
Side One Recorded In Studio.
Side Two Recorded Live Mix From Uk Expor Lp " Have You Seen Your Mother Live !.
!En Directo! Red Printed On Front Cover.
With The A Back Cover Different From Original Uk Lp.
The Songs "I've Been Loving You Too Long & Fortune Teller" Studio Recording With Overdubbed Live Audience. 
Matrix Side A  858 XZAL 10820P*1J COL
Matrix Side B  858 XZAL 10821P*1J 
Printed Machine