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Monday, 18 November 2019

Flowers ( 1969-70 Belgium Super Sound  Stereo Blue Boxed )
Note :
Second Edition With Biem Logo.
Variant 1 With Side 1&2 Under Biem Boxed Logo On Right Side.
Cover Made In Belgium By Daron-Bruyninckx Brussels.
Version Usa.
Matrix 1 ZAL-7752-1W
Matrix 2 ZAL-7753-1W
Printed Machine

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Their Satanic Majesties Request ( Uk 1967 Original Very First Issue Stereo Unboxed Green Label )
Note :
With At The Top Text Left " Original Recording By ".
Photo 3D Printed In Usa Mount Vermon N.Y 
This Label Was A Mistake On The Part Of Decca Because They Used It For Classical Music Records, There Are Only About 2000 Copies With The Words "Original Recording Of" These Were Immediately Changed And The Subsequent Labels Had The Words "Made In England".
Source Rolling Stones Collector Cave & Stones on Decca.
With Original Inner Sleeve Psychedelic Red-White Colored.
Spine Printing Up Side Down.
No REC. After The Decca Logo.
Speed 33 Is Missing.
Tax Code Is Missing.
Version 1 Design 9
Side 1 ZAL-8126-T2-6K
Side 2 ZAL-8127-T2-4K
Printed Machine

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Let It Bleed ( Uk Late 1969 Early 1970 Mono Red Label Boxed )
Note :
With Original Red Inner Sleeve, With The London Bach Choir.
For This Re-issue No Poster Included.
Version 1 Design 6
Side 1 XARL JT  9363.P-1A
Side 2 XARL JT  9394.P-2A
Printed Machine

Gimme Shelter ( Uk 1972 Blue Stereo Label Boxed )
Note :
Speed 33 On The Left.
Britico, Gema,NCB, To The Left Are Not In The  Logo Box.
Version ? Design ?
Side 1 XZAL-10820.P-1W
Side 2 XZAL-10821.P-1W
Printed Machine

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Make No Mistake-Extended Version-Lp Version & It Means A Lot ( 1989 12" Maxi Single 45 RPM Uk Vergin Label )
Note :
The Song* Begins With The Voice Of Sara Dash That Repeats The Song Title Six Times, Along With The Memphis Horns and Steve Jordan's Drums.
Make No Mistake Extended Version 6,40.*
Make No Mistake Lp Version       4,47
It Means A Lot                   5,18
Side 1 VST 1179 A-1U-1-1-  Town House DDM
Side 2 VST 1179 A-1U-1-1-  Town House DDM
Printed Machine
Hand Written

Make No Mistake(Edit)& It Means A Lot ( 1989 7" Uk Vergin Black Label )
Note :
Make No Mistake Edit Version 3,29
Side 1 VS 1179 D  A-1-U-1-1-  Town House DDM
Side 2 VS 1179 D  A-1-U-1-1-  Town House DDM
Printed Machine
Hand Written

Monday, 28 October 2019

No Security ( E.U. UK Vergin First Press )
Note :
Version Yellow Tongue Picture Label.
Side 1 V 2880 A-1-1- 
Side 2 V 2880 B-1-1-
Side 3 V 2880 C-1-1-
Side 4 V 2880 D-1-1-
Printed Machine