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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Sticky Fingers ( 1971 USA Atlantic Records Distributed By ATCO Rolling Stones Yellow Label )
Note :
This Is The First USA Label Variation Used 1971-73.
Sticker On Back Cover Of Record Club Of America.
Cover Printed In The USA By Packaging Corp.
Manufactured Under License Issued By Atlantic Recording Corporation To Record Club Of America, Inc.
Record Club of America Was Based In York, Pennsylvania, And Operated From The Late '60s To The Mid-'70s.
It Was Basically A Discount Mail-Order Record Retailer And It Wasn't Affiliated With Any Label, But Offered Everything That Was In The  Schwann Record Catalog. Sorce Discogs
Side 1 PR Rolling Stones Records ST-RS-712189 B
Side 2 PR Rolling Stones Records ST-RS-712190 B

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) ( 2010 E.U. From Special Edition Box Set 1964-1969 Cat.N. 8817-1 Decca-Abkco Burgundy Pale Label )
Gatefold Cover With Poster.
Restoration Producer: Jody H. Klein Limited. Edition 180 Gr. Vinyl Remastered.
Made In Czech Republic Pressed At Loděnice By GZ Media.
According to The Guardian, GZ Media Was Valued At £76 Million ($100 Million) In 2016 And Was Forecast To Press Just Over 25 Million Records Per Year.
In 2015 It Produced About 65,000 Records Per Day.
Side 1  89314E1/A
Side 2  89314E2/B
Printed Machine


Rolled Gold ( 1976 Australia Stereo  Gold Label Boxed + Poster 2 Lp )
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Belgium Original Issue BOX 804 y Stereo-Mono Blue Boxed )
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Belgium Original Issue BOX 804 Y 215 Stereo-Mono Blue Boxed ) Label Variant
Rolled Gold+( 2007 E.U. The Very Best Of The Rolling Stones 1975-2007 Re-issue Picture Label Abkco & Decca 180 gr. 4 Lp )
Rolled Gold ( 1975 France Original Issue Stereo & Mono-Red Decca Label Unboxed ROST 1/2  278.096/97 )Cover Laminated  2 Lp )
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Germany Stereo Nova Yellow-Green Label Sticker Store )  No Decca Logo 1st. Variation
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Germany Stereo Nova Yellow-Green Label ) 2nd. Variation With Small Decca Logo
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Uk Mono-Stereo Black Label Boxed Decca Rost 1/2 )  N.B.C. Square Box Logo
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Uk Mono-Stereo Black Label Boxed Decca ROST 1/2 )  N.B.C. Rectangular Box Logo 
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Uk Mono-Stereo Blue Label Boxed Decca ROST 1/2 )
Rolled Gold ( 1975 Uk Made For Export To Italy Mono-Stereo Blue Label Boxed Decca )

Great Hits ( 1975 Germany  Re-Release Uk Nova Yellow Label First Edition )
Note :
Nova Is Sublabel Of TELDEC Telefunken-Decca Schallplatten GmbH ( Records L.t.d. ).
Nova Recordings Was a Label, Mailorder, Distribution, And a Store-Based In Cologne, Germany, And Dedicated To All Forms Of Independent Music, Now Defunct 1999-2005.  Owned And Operated By Nikita Lavrinenko Of Yage.
German Guitarist Who Has Played The Yage Band.
Yage Was a Cologne, Germany Based Emo/Screamo/Hardcore Band Founded In Early 1998.
Discontinued in August 2004.
Also The Founder Of Nova Recordings.
Guide Decca Nova
In 1969, Decca launched a true progressive label called Nova, which lasted less than a year. The label released 23 albums with "Deram Nova" or "Decca Nova" imprints, and to add to the confusion, some of these came with a "Deram Nova" logo on the sleeve but a "Decca Nova" label.
Consequently, "Decca Nova" and "Deram Nova" are no separate labels, yet they are not related to the German "Nova" label, which -- even though also focusing on progressive rock and being a subsidiary of Decca (Teldec = Telefunken/Decca) -- was founded four years after Decca Nova/Deram Nova's demise, in 1974.
Very interesting site of Decca label.Source 
Side 1 K LPD-Ste-013640-X
Side 2 K LPD-Ste-013641-X
Manufactured In Germany
Printed Machine

Friday, 7 August 2020


Metamorphosis ( 1975 Belgium 278.065 Y 804 Stereo Blue Boxed )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 Colombia Stereo Blue Pale Label Unboxed London ffrr )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 France Original Issue Stereo Black Unboxed Label )
Metamorphosis ( 1980 Germany Cat. N. 6.22277 From The Rolling Stones Story Red Boxed Decca Label With The Cover Poster&Booklet Box 12 LP )
Metamorphosis ( 1980 Germany Cat. N. 820677-1 From The Rolling Stones Story Silver London With Red-Blue Semi-Circle Label Records With Cover Box 12 Lp )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 Holland Cat. N. 6336 116 From The Rolling Stones 4 Lp Box Without Original Covers, 1980 Holland Stereo Blue Label Unboxed )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 Italy Stereo Blue Label Boxed, Laminated Front Cover, Inner Sleeve 7-75 )
Metamorphosis ( 1978 Italy Stereo Blue-Violet Label Boxed, Laminated Front And Back Cover )
Metamorphosis ( 1982 Japan L20P 1036 Stereo Red Vinyl Light Azure London Label )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 South Africa Decca Blue-Violet Label )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 Uk Stereo Blue Label Boxed )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 USA Abkco ANA Label White Promo Sticker London -Not For Sale With Round Punched On The Cover, With Original Inner Sleeve, Pictured T-Shirt )
Metamorphosis ( 1975 USA Abkco Label Made In USA On Label ) 

Metamorphosis ( 1975 USA Abkco Label Made In USA On Label )
Made In USA On Label. Credit For Copy Correct On Label Of Song  "Don't Know Why" Wonder, Hunter, Riser, Hardway, Instead On Back Cover Jagger/ Richards/ Taylor.
Credit Error For The Song " If You Let Me" Jagger-Richards Instead Chuck Berry.
Side 1 ANA-1A X BEST DFWK * 5-21-75
Side 2 ANA-1B   BEST DFWK ① 5-21-75