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giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out ( Uk 1970 Made In England Export To Germany Catalogue Number SLK 16670-P Stereo Blue Boxed Label ) Note : In order to avoid the pains of having to release initial copies of yet another Rolling Stones LP in an emergensy cover,the German affiliate of Decca demanded that the British mother company should manufacture import copies for sale in Germany -which they did, complete with German catalogue numbers on the covers and labels. However ,these British export pressing were avilable here only for a very short time, and soon were replaced by the domestically pressing albums.Original printing of Germany cover came with five stars printed on the cover. Source Maus Book Rolling Stones Worldwide III, Germany Lp. Version Label ? Design ? Side 1 XZAL-10076-1W Side 2 XZAL-10077-1W Printed Machine

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