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giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

No Stone Unturned ( Uk October 1973 Stereo Blue Label Boxed Imported From Usa With Jem Stiker 2W-2W Electronically Reprocessed For Stereo, Version 1 Copyright N.C.B. Is Square, Inner Sleeve 3-74 ) Note: Jem Is An Acronym For Tree Men Who Started The Dompany. Jeff Ttenenbaun Ed Grossi Marty Scott Fron 1971 throug 1988 Jem Records,Imc, Was One In the World's Largest Imported/Exporters And Distributors of Records.Building On A Business Of Importing And Distributing British Album Into The Usa Grew To Have Office And Warehouse Location From London To Los Angeles With The Home Office In South Plainfield, New Jersey. Source From Discogs Version ? Design ? Side 1 XEAL-12555.P-2W Side 2 XEAL-12556.P-2W Printed Machine

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