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domenica 31 dicembre 2017

Love You Live ( 1977 Original Issue Coc 89101 With Master Number Usa ST-RS-773937-8-9-40, The Inner Sleeve Made In Usa, Copyright STEMPRA ) RA Note : The First Two Numbers After The Letters ST-RS Describe The Year 77. The Following Set Of Numbers Give a More Precise (month & day) Record Of When The Master Disc Was Pressed. Source Matrix Side 1 ST-RS AA 3937 IIMH 33165 I-Y Matrix Side 2 ST-RS AA 3938 IIMH 33166 I-Y Matrix Side 3 ST-RS 77 3939 IIMH 33167 I-Y Matrix Side 4 ST-RS 773940-D (PR) X Hand Written, At Three O'clok 01, At Six O'clok A1 2 Sterling, At Nine O'clok C A1 Printed Machine

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