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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Some Girls ( Uk Emi Record Ldt, Made And Printed In Great Britain, Box Cover Laminated By Garrod & Lofthouse )

Note : Different version list, with short, long and edit, probably they have modified the programs with different versions to stay in the technical times of an 8 track cassette, without having to cut the song in two programs, as often happened in the cassettes 8 tracks.
Program 1 time 10,27
Miss You-long version that on Lp,with one line of lyrics not found in vinyl and cd version, unavailable elsewhere, 8 Track 6.07 Lp version 4,48.
When The Whips Comes Down-Lp version 4,20
Program 2 time 10,13
Just My Imagination-short 4,23 Lp 4,32.
Respectable-Lp version 3,07.
Shattared-short version single promo edit,
8 track 2,43 Lp version 3,46
Program 3 time 10,19
Far Away Eyes-short version single edit 8 track 3,45 Lp 4,20.
Lies-Lp version 3,10
Before They Make Me Run-Lp version 3,24
Program 4 time 9,05
Some Girls-Lp version 4,36.
Beast of Burden-long version that on Lp, unavailable elsewhere, this lyrics " I'll be your slave, I'll take your cursin ", was cut from Lp and cd version, 8 track 5,19 Lp version 4,29.

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